środa, 17 lutego 2016

Winter update

Blog neglected

The reason why I've neglected this blog for so long is because I was extremely busy with my university projects. Since I'm having a short between-term break I plan to make posts regarding three of the completed projects this term. Posts will be dealing with over-all how-to-do-it without explaining single lines of code as I used to do in the past. Two projects were done in Unity3D, allowing me to cheat my way out of learning new technologies. Third project was done in Haskell so it less visual but working on the task was still fun nevertheless.

Things to come

1. Path-finding using sensors

2. Interactive 2012 Presidential Election financing map

3. Creek Puzzle Solver

No LD34

Due to lack of time I was forced to give up taking part in LD34. The same goes for Global Gamejam. For both of those events I was 50/50 sure to compete but in the end the outside circumstances forced me to give up on them.

I did however took the trip to the site of Polyjam (Warsaw edition of GGJ). The topic was ritual. While most interpreted topic as either satanic ritual (human sacrifices/ possessions) or shamanic rituals (Aztecs and company) I was pleasantly surprised to find a game about tea making => nice out-of-the-box thinking.

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